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The Growth Of Women Owned Businesses

Women Owned Businesses

Women’s History Month has drawn to a close. Every March, for 31 days we honor and reflect on the contributions women have made, are making, and hopefully will make to our society and economy. Women owned businesses are on the rise. More than ever, women in business are a dynamic driver of our nation’s economic … Read more

Using First, Second, & Third Party Data

First Second Third Party Data

How First, Second, And Third Party Data Work Together First, second, and third party audience data are parts of a whole. Each contributes in its own way to building a high performing marketing database through quality, relevance, completeness, and scale. It is helpful to understand what they are and how they can work together. All … Read more

QR Codes In 2021

Blog QR Codes 2021 3

The Time Is Now For QR Codes Few direct mail campaign tools can enhance engagement better than QR codes in 2021. They easily connect recipients with a wide range of emerging media types and rich interactions before, during, and after purchase. QR code usage is thriving, as smartphone use expands (81% of U.S. adults have … Read more

Direct Marketers Must Make It Easy

Blog Post Easy 1

The Direct Benefits Of Ease And Efficiency Done right, direct marketing is user friendly for both businesses and customers. To achieve that, direct marketers must make it easy for existing or prospective customers to actually consume messages and either explore further or take action. They must also work to make it easy on themselves, directing … Read more

B2B Data Hygiene: Embrace Health. Avoid Decay.

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Industries and businesses across the board have one thing in common, and that is change. Organizations are dynamic. People are always on the move. B2B data hygiene must keep pace to be effective. Every 30 minutes, 120 business addresses and 75 phone numbers change, 20 CEOs leave their jobs, and 30 new businesses are formed. … Read more

Dealing With The B2B Buying Cycle

Buying Cycle Funnel Cloud

Business to business direct marketers need to fortify themselves with data that connects with prospective buyers at every stage of the B2B buying cycle, in every way possible. This is true when targeting several decision makers at a particular company, or many prospects across an industry. Conventional wisdom often suggests that the stages of the … Read more

Buyer Persona Development – Include Channel Preferences

Channel Preferences for Buyer Personas 2

An important tool in B2B campaign planning is buyer persona development, backed by real world customer and prospect insights. Understanding and embracing how the target’s habits, behaviors, and preferences intersect with their roles, goals, and pain points in both business and personal life minimizes the chances of wasting valuable mailing list data. Nothing is more … Read more

Data Hygiene Update 2020

Data Hygiene Update 2020b 3

When the question is asked, “What contributes to direct marketing success?”, the discussion quickly turns to data quality. How is that achieved? The answer is data hygiene, which requires active effort. Without it, data quality declines. Strategy, content and offer still matter, but campaigns are dead in the water without clean data. Why a data … Read more

Postal Service Rate Increase Request For 2021

USPS Rate Increase 2021

In an effort to close the gap between revenue and operating costs, a Postal Service rate increase request has been submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission affecting certain rates effective January 24, 2021. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, plus continued declines in the volume of Market Dominant products like First Class Mail have continued … Read more