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Data Cleaning & List Hygiene

HyperHygiene is our proven data cleaning & list hygiene service. The result is postal, email, and telemarketing data that is far more accurate and productive.

Data Cleaning & List Hygiene

NCOA updates identify records that have moved or no longer exist
  • We perform frequent, accurate, and comprehensive NCOA sweeps.
  • We do the update work on your current file saving you tedious labor.
De-duplicate records
  • Resolve user-entered errors, name variables (middle initial/no middle initial), location formatting issues (NY versus New York) and more.
  • Flag duplication of customers against third party records (only pay for unique records).
  • Separate Duns numbers may be assigned for entities with the same corporate family tree or location.
Eliminate consumer records from your business lists
  • Phone companies may reassign former business phone numbers to individuals. They may NOT be included in business list updates.
  • Separate home based businesses from business executives working at home. The refined list is smaller but more targeted.

Benefit from our 25 years of list data cleaning experience. Expertise PLUS elbow grease is crucial to data quality. Grow business with mailing lists that are cleaner and better targeted.

About The D&B Delist File

Mailinglists.com has always prided itself in providing data that is current, comprehensive, and accurate. Our partners at D&B have amassed a global database of businesses that has grown to over 300 million entities. At the same time, accurately identifying companies that meet specific criteria that render them “non-marketable”, is equally important. The result is a regularly updated delist file. See below for download.

The file is updated on the basis of outreach to the target businesses, as well as in response to businesses that request deletion from the D&B database. In either case the business name is correlated to a specific DUNS number. The resulting file represents a list of Duns #s of non-marketable companies.

NOTE: Non-marketable can mean either of two things:

  • After repeated attempts at contact and verification, the company can’t be marketed to due to certain operating conditions such as undeliverable address, out of business, or other insufficiency in their data records.
  • The company has asked that their data not be included in D&B’s database and is therefore non-marketable.

Since the scope of this effort is global, it is no surprise the list is quite long, with over 14 million entries. Imagine the impact mailing to delisted companies can have on a marketing budget, not to mention the exposure to complaints and regulatory non-compliance such as GDPR and CCPA. Between wasted money, ill will, and legal exposure the costs can be considerable.

Market efficiently and protect your reputation. An example of the ever-changing Delist File is available for Download: (Zip, 97Mb) (Note the large file size.)



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