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The partnership between MailingListsXPRESS and Dun & Bradstreet has grown for over 25 years. Over the decades, D&B has embraced our dedication as an ally and partner in furthering our shared mission: growing businesses by providing the finest business mailing lists, business intelligence and data products. Staying true to the quality and service synonymous with genuine D&B business data has always been foremost.

Today, MailingListsXPRESS manages hundreds of D&B accounts worldwide, delivering the expertise customers expect, and then some. MailingListsXPRESS offers the consultation and insight which enables our customers to build business mailing lists from D&B data that will promote profitability. Always fresh, accurate and at a reasonable price.


How Does MailingListsXPRESS Deliver Better Business Data?

  • Our mailing list brokers average over 10 years experience working with the D&B file.
  • MailingListsXPRESS provides customers large and small with enhanced access to the entire D&B file.
  • Contract customers continue to receive the same D&B data per the exact terms of their agreements.
  • All customers are personally serviced by MailingListsXPRESS experts with extensive D&B experience.
  • Dun & Bradstreet Data from MailinglistsXPRESS is fully GDPR compliant
  • Customers occupy “a seat at the table” when evaluating and buying D&B data – a long standing MLXP practice.
  • List building is notably flexible and data delivery features rapid turnaround.
  • Valuable data products and features, including data cleaning through HyperHygience, expanded append services and Instant Breakdown Reports, etc.

MailingListsXPRESS is committed to setting the highest possible standards for selection, service and value. The goal is always the same: fueling customer growth.

See what we mean. Browse a variety of D&B datacard titles. Below is a small sample of the comprehensive databases you can choose from. Each offers a multitude of selections and options for customizing the perfect list.

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