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Small Business Data

Why Reaching Small Businesses Matters

U.S. Small Businesses are a market that cannot be missed. There are over 30 million small businesses in the U.S., making up over 99% of all businesses. They employ over 47% of the total workforce, while accounting for 44% of U.S. economic activity. Every category of business and industry is represented by small businesses and the entrepreneurs who lead them. The small business categories that have been growing at the fastest rate include Business Services, Food/Restaurant, Health/Beauty/Fitness, General Retail, and Home Services according to Small Business Trends. Collectively they propel much of the growth and innovation that drives our economy.

Small business is a dynamic sector. An average of 543,000 small businesses start up each month. That’s why using the best possible small business data is so important to direct marketers.

Small Business Growth Demands Your Attention

Small Businesses need capital and cash flow to survive. Lending institutions of every description can grow along with a number of categories and industries that are particularly attractive. Small Businesses need reliable partners in the tax preparation and accounting field. They need legal advice to protect their interests and maintain compliance. They need IT assistance and websites, furniture and equipment, and a place to house it all. They need HR support to find and keep the best possible people. Like the marketers eager to reach them, they also need marketing guidance. The Small Business Administration encourages them to employ direct marketing as a vital tool for growth. Good things begin with high-quality marketing data that connects providers of products and services with users that need them.

Small Business Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has been transformative for small businesses in and of itself. In reality, it has served to amplify the pace of changes that were already happening, especially in technology. Following are the latest trends transforming the small business sector. (SBA):

e-Commerce Is Me Commerce – This is a prime example of COVID being an accelerant. The forced cutbacks and outright closure of brick and mortar businesses have driven customers to remote purchase of almost everything. Businesses must be sure their e-commerce offering is mobile friendly and highly secure at the very least. Making sure that the experience is seamless and as foolproof as possible is not just appreciated, but expected. From consultation to ordering to payment to delivery and service, it’s all about making sure the customer is satisfied.

Touchless Transaction – This is another prime example of something that was already experiencing steady growth exploding in the COVID world. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 67% of retailers surveyed accept some form of touchless payment. The trend is expected to continue by 94% of retailers that have already implemented no-touch payment. For small businesses, solutions will need to be continually upgraded and evaluated to stay competitive.In-person transactions allowing either tap or scan payment can score points with health focused B2C and B2B customers. Cloud-based B2B payment is still relatively small compared to B2C. Increasing adoption of B2B cloud-based payment platforms will reduce impediments to even large transactions. Platforms are competing fiercely for this place in a seller’s arsenal.

Remote Work & Cybersecurity – Offering remote work options will be necessary to attract and retain top talent going forward. The advent and likely semi-permanence of remote work has created the need for flexible yet tighter work-from-wherever cybersecurity. Legacy providers will need to develop and deploy security systems for small businesses that are every bit as secure for the remote workplace as the traditional fixed location.

Trending: What Are The Most Profitable Small Business Categories?

Success breeds success. Get verified leads for the most profitable categories of small businesses. These tend to fall into the professional and medical services categories. They include (Small Business Trends):

  • Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services: 18.4 percent NPM
  • Lessors of Real Estate: 17.9 percent NPM
  • Legal Services: 17.4 percent NPM
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises: 16 percent NPM
  • Activities Related to Real Estate: 14.9 percent NPM
  • Offices of Dentists: 14.8 percent NPM
  • Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers: 14.3 percent NPM

Of course all categories have their winners. Mailinglists.com can license accurate, affordable databases of small business leads in any category or SIC group. These include Retail, Hospitality, High Tech, Trucking, Construction, Landscapers, Farming and many, many more.

Reach The Small Business Leaders Who Matter

Mailinglists.com provides the data that reaches small business decision makers, as well as executives by title, age, and at home. Many positions require professional accreditation or certification. Take advantage of our databases of licensed professionals to reach them. Data append services help marketers complete their records for past and current customers, and prospects. When their day is done, they lead lifestyles that make them open to relevant offers consistent with their personal behaviors and interests. Being able to reach executives at home, away from their challenging work lives (or even as they work from home) is a valuable way to forge relationships in a more conducive environment.

How Is Our Small Business Data Sourced?

Mailinglists.com offers marketers the small business data resources that empower them to reliably reach this valuable and widely varied audience. Our 25 year partnership with Dun & Bradstreet puts the most accurate, comprehensive business database at our clients’ fingertips.

Our business data covers a full range of demographic, firmographic and geographic data for businesses of all sizes. Overall reach is 26.5M+ U.S. businesses; 17.5M+ businesses with Marketable Records – including name, address, phone & SIC code; 80% also include primary contacts, sales figures and # employees. Public company records from U.S. courts & state offices; business registrations; suits, liens & judgment filings: UCC filings; bankruptcy filings.

Also available are a long list of lifestyle and associated psychographic data elements. Our goal is to allow marketers to target their audiences using whatever approach they deem necessary to make contact and form relationships in a meaningful and lasting way.

Data Hygiene Matters

Small businesses are are constantly changing, so our data is continuously monitored for accuracy. Given the broad range of industries and business sizes, some are more vulnerable than others the economic fallout of a public health crisis. For these reasons, compiled sources undergo careful monitoring to ensure that they are current and accurate. The results are high levels of deliverability and response.

HyperHygiene® – Our own data cleaning process. This includes the following steps and precautions to ensure the hygiene of our data:

  • Perform NCOA sweeps far more often than most list sources.
  • Resolve duplication in its various wasteful forms.
  • Resolve incorrect information entered during registration processes.
  • Filter customer vs. purchased records so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.
  • Separate Duns numbers may be assigned for entities with the same owner or location.
  • Phone companies may reassign former business phone numbers to individuals, and may NOT include them in business list updates.

DUNSRight® Quality Process – Our data partner, D&B, conducts 2,000+ automated and manual checks, and data updated 1.5M+ times daily. Our customers benefit from the D&B De-list file which filters non-marketable entities.

Begin To Build Your Small Business Marketing List

Whatever is needed to reach your ideal target audience, Mailinglists.com has the data and the expertise to craft the right mailing list for your campaign. We are able to work from the barest beginnings of a customer list and proceed to build a robust database of verified, marketable leads that can spell growth. For 25 years our goal has been to help marketers reach the right audience with the right data at the right price.

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