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Customer Analysis

Why Customer Analysis Is Important To B2C And B2B Direct Marketers

Customer analysis must be an integral part of both consumer and business campaigns. This is especially true for marketers that have been fortunate enough to attract loyal customers. Whether B2C or B2B, these customers are “money in the bank”. They are also the tip of the iceberg. The insights and propensities displayed by current customers can be parlayed into reaching more, viable prospects.

This includes understanding how previously underutilized channels can resonate with audiences. Digital and analog media have grown to become inseparable partners in the effort to keep current customers and nurture new ones. Mailinglists.com offers data analysis reports that utilize a toolkit for 2020 and beyond. These tools and techniques work hand in glove with our HyperHygiene suite of data cleaning processes to help marketers analyze customers and optimize growth potential.


How Consumer Analysis Expands Vision & Sharpens Focus

There are many strengths in consumer data analysis. Our services are designed to meet specific client needs for lead scoring, responsiveness and channel diversification. Maximize purchase – and retention – potential, while minimizing waste. Each customer analysis is powered by a comprehensive toolkit, expertly deployed:

  • Merge/Purge Services Keep Marketing Lists Streamlined, Targeted and Cost Efficient
  • Look-Alike Record Modeling To Expand Prospect Lists Based On Benchmark Customers
  • Demographic Profiling Targeted for Age, Gender, Type of Residence and More
  • E-mail Marketing Appends that Expands Market Reach via this Efficient Channel
  • Geocoding To Map Addresses And Manage Customer/Prospect Location, Patterns and Density
  • DSF2 Scoring to Strategically Enhance Mail Deliverability

These tools and techniques yield data points that can determine greater buyer affinity and improved responsiveness. Therein lies the need for expert data analysis of current customers and prospects. Mailinglists.com is the one you can rely on to make it happen.


Discover Business Data Analysis & XPRESS Business Insights Reports

Get valuable business intelligence. Impart more targeted focus for your business direct marketing spend is within reach. Expert business customer analysis can produce valuable direct marketing insights that generate fertile sales leads.

Data has unique DNA. Your report starts with one of your business’s most valuable assets – your own customer and prospect mailing lists. Your data is matched against the D&B Masterfile resulting in customer data analytics that can prove amazingly productive.

Actionable customer data analytics are provided in each report. The data analysis reports we provide delve into distinct customer insight areas rendered in easily accessible detail. Your report is divided into a sequence of displays to help you quantify and visualize the location, distribution and key attributes of your customers by comparing your customer data records with the Dun & Bradstreet Masterfile.

  • Data Match – What are the Duns Number, duplicate record, and D&B database match rates?
  • Regional Distribution – Do your customers congregate in one specific geographic region?
  • Distribution By State – What states do your customers come from?
  • Employee Size – What size companies do your typical customers look like?
  • Revenue Size – What is the typical revenue of your customers?
  • Business Age – How many years have your customers been in business?
  • Industry – What industry groups are you selling to?
  • Top 25 SICs – Who are the SIC codes you are best penetrating?
  • Company Type – Are your customer corporations, sole proprietors, or partnerships?
  • Location Type – Are your customer single locations, branch offices, or headquarters?
  • Small Office/Home Office – Do your customers work from a small or even home office?

Knowledge is Power. Each report delves into 10 distinct customer insight areas rendered in exquisite, color-coded detail. Let your XPRESS Business Insights Report be a positive force for building your business. Start to make more informed mailing list decisions right now.

XBIR Sample Report

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