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Global solutions for mailing lists data

We’re far more than simply mailing list data.

Following are solutions, services, and resources that can enhance the efficacy of the data you have and the data you purchase. Some may offer new perspectives on how data can work harder for your needs, while some may provide helpful reminders regarding the bigger picture, which is direct marketing success.

Customer and data analysis

Customer Analysis

Our customer and data analysis services are designed to meet specific client needs for lead scoring, responsiveness and channel diversification. Maximize purchase – and retention – potential, while minimizing waste. Discover the benefits of our XPRESS Business Insights Reports.

Data Cleaning & List Hygiene

Data Cleaning & List Hygiene

HyperHygiene is our proven data cleaning & list hygiene service. The result is postal, email, and telemarketing data that is far more accurate and productive. Benefit from our 25 years of list data cleaning experience. NCOA updates, de-duplication, the D&B de-list file and more are your keys to success through data hygiene.

Data Processing

Data Processing

You can rely on us to provide a variety of custom mailing list data processing services. Our tools and techniques are designed to meet specific client needs for USPS mailing compliance and efficiency. The scope of our data processing services includes look-alike record development, merge/purge, geo-coding, DSF scoring and more.

Mailing lists IP targeting

IP Targeting

Matching IP address to physical location yields contact at a 95% or greater confidence level for true one-to-one marketing. We use offline data, which is verified and drastically reduces the potential of non-human bot traffic to achieve true convergence of direct mail with digital advertising.

Mailinglists Management

Mailing List Management

Our mailing list management services include marketing and promotion the owner’s list, datacard generation, order handling and processing, plus reporting and collections. We track monthly usage, conduct performance reviews and explore new opportunities to maximize the value of each list property.

Mailing lists direct marketing guide

Direct Marketing Guide

Re-visit the principles, techniques and best practices that form the foundation of successful direct mail marketing. Refresh your understanding of which channels work best, and how. Shake up what may be some stale assumptions and challenge yourself to think out of the box.

How to buy mailing lists

How to Buy Mailing List

We present our approach to building and buying high performing mailing lists. Learn about our step by step process that involves listening, learning, exchanging ideas, and then delivering responsive data solutions. All in a timely fashion at a fair price. Call us at (914) 948-8300 to discover what this can mean for your direct marketing success.

Resources for direct marketers

Resources for Direct Marketers

The goal is to provide information and reference covering many aspects of direct marketing in general, and direct mail in particular. Use these resources to stay informed about worldwide events and issues that affect your marketing campaigns. Gain insights, generate ideas, and examine questions of regulatory compliance.

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