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Steven Sheck, founded our company as Infinite Media in White Plains, NY in 1993. For almost 25 years, everything about Mailinglists.com has revolved around providing the best possible mailing list brokerage, management and data analysis products and services. That’s how we have grown in scope and reputation.

We are positioned to be your expert guide to the more than 75,000 postal, telemarketing and email lists currently available.

We have also partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to create MailingListsXPRESS, offering the complete D&B business file to our clients at attractive prices with concierge-level service. In addition we offer a complete range of mailing list data processing services to grow your list and ensure completeness, deliverability, and compliance.

Of course, all of those direct mail lists are just the raw material from which your custom list options are developed. Our mailing list brokers dig into the DNA of each list and tailor it to your particular needs. When you think about Mailinglists.com, think custom selects and special orders. These are a special focus. Just as your target audience is comprised of unique individuals, your business is regarded with just as much care. So when you think about Mailinglists.com, think of us as your one stop resource for all of your mailing list and data needs.

What makes us a great resource for direct response marketers?


Expect the highest quality direct mail list data at affordable prices


Our Team of data pros average over 10 years of experience


Choose from almost 80,000 lists, including the complete D&B file.


Your mailing list orders are delivered in hours, not days


Thorough consultation and clear options make your job easier

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