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How To Buy Mailing Lists

How We Help You Evaluate And Buy Direct Mail List Data

How do you buy a direct mail list? You need one true partner for guidance and counsel. Our team of mailing list brokers and managers prides itself in providing you with the freshest, most relevant and up-to-date business and consumer mailing lists available. Our process of generating sales leads begins with business intelligence: a detailed  examination and evaluation of your business and direct marketing goals, which ultimately leads up to our in-depth recommendation. You are unique. Get unique assistance.

How Infinite Media Recommendations Are Prepared:

  • Understand each and every client’s product
  • Understand the direct marketing target(s) for the client’s products and services
  • Get information from every client on what marketing efforts have been used in the past
  • Find out what has worked and what hasn’t worked—if possible, get actual sales lead data on what they have used including response results

We listen for, and carefully note any special requirements—for example, are you interested only in a consumer catalog mailing list? Do you want to see direct mail lists from direct competitors because they are prepared to swap names? Do you need UCC based merchant cash advance loan data for the apparel industry?

  • Establish the volume of direct mail list records required
  • Determine if mailing list needs are price-driven or custom-driven
  • Evaluate current and former list broker sources and relationships
  • Find out if they have a customer or subscriber lead list that is now on the market
  • Determine seasonality—do they mail only in the spring or fall, or order lists every month or quarter
  • Identify lead list types used –  business or consumer compiled lists, response lists, telemarketing lists, email marketing lists, etc.
  • Establish the time frame in which the recommendation must be generated
  • Agree upon the delivery date for actual records
  • Scan the universe of mailing lists to find possible candidates
  • Select only those sales lead mailing lists most closely fitting objective
  • Select only those from reputable sources
  • After initial selection, get client feedback
  • Negotiate pricing, terms, etc on behalf of client

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