Business Data Appends & Data Quality Hygiene From D&B

Business Data Appends & Data Quality Hygiene From D&B

Reach your B2B target audience with business data appends from Dun & Bradstreet. Complete the picture of your best prospects with email addresses, landline and mobile telephone numbers, plus demographic and firmographic appends from the gold standard of business data.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $75.00/M 41,976,355
Contact Name + $10.00/M
Actual Businesses $75.00/M 17,598,996
Emails $400.00/M
Append Set Up Fee $500.00/F


Businesses are always changing, always on the move. Each responds to multi-channel messages delivered by postal mail, email, and telephone contact. Business Data Appends & Data Quality Hygiene from D&B allows you to reach your prime prospects with timely and accurate data.

Business data appends & data quality hygiene from D&B will help you gain a complete the picture of your prospects. Email addresses, landline and mobile telephone numbers, plus demographic and firmographic appends from Dun & Bradstreet – the gold standard of business data – are all available to enhance your current records.

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Complete your current mailing lists with data appends that include:

• E-mail Appends – Verified and current
• Telemarketing Appends – Landline and mobile, reverse append available
• Look-Alike Record Matching – Watch your mailing list records multiply
• Merge/Purge
• Building Your Prospect Databases
• Profiling
• Geocoding (using latitude and longitude and zip+4 centroid)
• Address Mapping
• DSF Scoring

NEW! Connect To Your Customers Or Prospects While They’re Online. Call For Details.

Targeted digital advertising is now available, taking its place alongside postal, email and phone selects to enrich the ways customers and prospects may be reached. Using a proprietary process, customer databases or other traditional mailing list data are matched and cross-referenced with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP address. An integrated network of ad exchanges then serves targeted customers or prospects more timely and relevant digital offers, increasing response rates and overall marketing ROI. This adds a real time, measurable dimension to cross channel campaigns seeking new ways to maximize results.

The complete database includes over 18 million businesses including small and private to large and publicly owned companies. The file is updated by Dun & Bradstreet on a continuous basis through various sources, which include public records, bank records, mail surveys, management interviews and other third-party sources. This multi-sourced approach to list hygiene ensures that you receive fresh and accurate data on the US marketplace.

Get the business data appends you need to round out your records and reach business prospects whatever they do and wherever they work.

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