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Dun & Bradstreet B2B sales leads include business data for postal, email, and telemarketing campaigns. Browse the featured D&B datacards listed below by title. Review the datacards to which each title is linked.  VIEW ALL D&B DATACARDS  or call (914) 948-8300 for more information.

U.S. Business Data

Target the greatest number of ideal business prospects. This is the go to mailing list for your B2B direct mail campaigns.

Stay ahead of the business curve. Get detailed mailing list updates on new and existing businesses.

Reach millions of public and private businesses by their SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code.

Get the broadest coverage for businesses organized by the U.S. government’s NAICS code system.

Get 145,000 fresh UCC filing registration records each month. Reach the top contacts and more. Orders are filled within 48 hours.

UCC filings trigger a broad range of needs for commercial lenders and borrowers alike. This mailing list profiles both sides of UCC filing registrations in rich detail.

Reach business loan prospects that have borrowed from alternative lending sources with our Merchant Cash Advance UCC filing data.

Target businesses that are experiencing various forms of financial stress. Connect with companies on their journey back to financial health.

This valauble database from D&B tracks the opening of trade lines – B2B lines of credit – that are extended to businesses for goods and services that fuel their growth.

This unique database from D&B tracks monthly changes in trade lines extended to young, small businesses for goods and services. This is a trigger and indicator of company size and health.

Reach companies when changes in leadership, contact, structure, finances and more trigger a need or response. Be there at these key inflection points to help them manage change.

Target these young, growing businesses that are either brand-new to the world or are recently formed, and new to the D&B file.

Comprehensive mailing list of newly created entities including incorporation, D/B/A, trade and business licenses.

The mailing list that focuses on reaching new to the world businesses. Stay current with accurate, responsive data on these new ventures as they grow.

The database of top and middle-level managers – corporate decision makers. The people with the power to say YES!

The mailing list that targets hard to find business executives by reaching them at their home address.

Target executives and reach them by their age with this accurate mailing list.

The mailing list that targets influential executives, reaching them by their title.

Small Business & Minority Owned Business Data

A comprehensive mailing list of the most desired small U.S. business contact selects are available. Sources undergo strict monthly monitoring for freshness and accuracy.

Target fast growing, up-and-coming companies of fewer than 20 employees, experiencing rapidly rising revenues and a steep growth curve.

Target and reach the millions of resourceful, self-reliant entrepreneurs where they live and work.

This is the largest and most comprehensive database of U.S. houses of worship available. Choose from a range of multi-denominational selects.

This database is one of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive mailing lists of minority owned U.S. companies available.

One of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive mailing lists for reaching female owned U.S. companies available.

This database is one of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive mailing lists of African American owned U.S. companies available.

This database is one of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive mailing lists for reaching executives of African American owned U.S. companies available.

This database is one of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive mailing lists of Asian American owned U.S. companies available.

Latino American business ownership is a growing part of the U.S. economy. This mailing list reaches new and existing businesses – and the men and women who lead them.

International Business Data

Reach global gatekeepers with the most comprehensive global database of its kind.

Get monthly updates of new to the file international businesses while the opportunities to serve their growing needs are still fresh.

Market your products and services to international businesses by individual country.

Over 8 million public and private businesses are included. Email and postal sources undergo strict monthly verifying for freshness and accuracy.

Gain Access To The Canadian Marketplace. Canada is the United States’ largest trading partner — larger than Japan.

The Canadian PPSA Database From D&B encompasses Canada’s version of the UCC. Useful for U.S. lenders needing UCC counterparts of secured transactions involving Canadian entities, often involving cross-border M&A or NAFTA-related transactions.

Reach the enormous and expanding Chinese business community. This fresh, accurate database allows extensive selectability.

Reach one of U.S. business’s closest business partners. This comprehensive mailing list targets almost 400,000 separate Mexican business listings.

Target the mailing list of the U.S., Canada, Mexico Free Trade Agreement a/k/a NAFTA 2.0. Reach this huge cooperative market that includes almost 20 million businesses in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

The UK Business Database from D&B is a comprehensive, highly selectable database of over 3.2 million public & private business enterprises throughout the United Kingdom.

Hoover’s Business Data

Target and reach more than 40,000 Medium and Large companies and their leaders in 600 industries.

Target and reach more than 40,000 Medium and Large international companies and their leaders in 600 industries by country.

MDR Teachers & Educators Data

The mailing list that reaches 5,000,000+ professional educators at either home or business address. submit a request for a free quote or counts.

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