Businesses By Country Masterfile From D&B

Businesses By Country Masterfile From D&B

Market your products and services to international businesses by country. The Businesses By Country Masterfile From D&B lets you reach more than 60 million businesses worldwide. Over 7.2 million of these foreign business firms are linked by corporate affiliations in 200 selectable countries.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $195.00/M 24,914,552
Top Contact + $10.00/M 15,152,085
Postal & Phone Number $255.00/M 14,021,188
Multi Use $275.00/M


The Businesses by Country Masterfile From D&B is your key to the global business community. The file contains data for over 60 million international businesses. This including 7.2 million+ linked by corporate affiliations in more than 200 countries. As a result, our international businesses by country mailing list is the benchmark masterfile of its kind.

We ensure that the Businesses By Country Masterfile From D&B is fresh and accurate. It is therefore more responsive. We achieve highest quality through rigorous monthly monitoring of our reliable compiled sources. Only Dun & Bradstreet has the global resources to keep pace with changes in foreign businesses, country by country.

This is the international businesses mailing list that offers a wide choice of demographic, firmographic and contact selects for foreign businesses. This is exactly what you would expect from the worldwide leader in business intelligence. Individual and multiple countries may be selected, so greater coverage is easy. The data makes crossing borders to reach businesses worldwide as easy as crossing the street.

Targeted digital advertising data is now available in addition to postal, email and phone selects. We match customer databases or other traditional mailing list data using a proprietary process. We then cross-reference the results with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP address.

Customers and prospects receive more timely and relevant digital offers through an integrated network of ad exchanges. Response rates and overall marketing ROI increase. Marketers seeking seeking new ways to maximize cross channel campaign results may therefore add a real time, measurable dimension. Connect with your customers or prospects while they’re online. Call for details.

List Contacts

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605