Executives By Age Database From D&B

Executives By Age Database From D&B

Now you can accurately target executive prospects by age. The Executives By Age Database From D&B is the largest and most comprehensive executive database available so you can focus on reaching the executives whose stage of life as well as position and purpose matches your offer.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $75.00/M 2,104,253
Contact Name + $10.00/M 2,104,253
Phone + $15.00/M
Email Addresses $400.00/M


The Executives By Age Database From D&B enables you to target influential executives – the decision makers – by life stage as well as the titles they hold. These are the men and women of any age who have the power to decide whether to purchase your products and services.

This definitive resource targets executive level U.S. business prospects by age. The file is linked to the D&B Business Masterfile, the largest and most comprehensive database covering over 20 million U.S. businesses of every size and description.

Contact Baby Boomers who continue to be an important business force. Reach Gen Xers and now Millenials as they are rising through the executive ranks. Communicate with executives by age requires pinpoint accuracy to resonate. The database lists executives by age, correlated with functional title and responsibilities. Included are Owners, Partners, Chairmen, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, Personnel/HR and as a result many selectable attributes.

Executives of any age are the most dynamic members of the workforce. Titles and responsibilities change, so the Executives By Age Database From D&B is continuously updated. Compiled sources undergo rigorous monthly hygiene to ensure they are current and accurate. The results are age appropriate targeting that ensures your offer will be welcome in the executive suite.

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