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Market To Teachers, Administrators, Librarians & More With MDR Educators Data

Market Smarter With MDR Educators Data

For over 50 years, Market Data Retrieval (MDR), a division of D&B, has been the gold standard of data for reaching institutions, professionals and decision makers in the education sector. MDR Educators databases from Mailinglists.com targets educators from K-12 through college, administrators at the building and district level, pre-K/daycare directors and teachers, plus librarians in school, college, and public libraries.

MDR Educators Data By The Numbers

• Early Ed: 100,000+ day care centers, 95,000+ directors, 40,000+ teachers
• K-12: 14,000+ districts, 115,000+ schools, 6 million+ personnel
• Higher Ed: 7,000+ institutions, 1.6 million+ personnel, 1.3 million+ faculty
• Libraries: 22,000+ public & college, 140,000+ public, K-12, & college librarians
• Educators at Home: 5 million+ K-12, college, day care & public library personnel

Successfully target those most responsible for evaluating and purchasing professional development, distance and hybrid learning tools, educational technology, content/curriculum resources, books, search services, DVDs, automation services, and subscriptions.
They often have a voice in “buildings & grounds” infrastructure issues as well.

MDR Educators Databases

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College & University Professors from MDR

Target college and university teaching faculty members within the United States. With 93% nationwide coverage, no other file of professors of higher education on the market today can offer you the quality and accuracy of Market Data Retrieval.

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Librarians from MDR

Reach librarians nationwide in both public and private institutions who purchase products and services. Books, databases, search services, DVD’S, automation services, subscriptions are a but few of the wide array of purchasing areas that make Librarians an ideal audience.

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MDR Educators From D&B

Mailinglists.com presents MDR Educators From D&B, your portal to the $1.3 trillion education marketplace. Virtually every teacher (95% or more) in the United States can be found on the database

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Teacher Mailing Lists from MDR – Home and School

Target teachers from MDR. The compiled database is accurate, timely and complete including virtually every teacher (over 95%) in the U.S. Reach teachers and educators in public, private, or parochial schools from grades K-12. College level professors as well as specific subject areas are all available.

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Technology Coordinators & Decision Makers from MDR

Infinite Media in partnership with Market Data Retrieval, now offers a comprehensive method for reaching educational technology decision makers. These include educators, facilitators and administrators like Technology Coordinators, Technology/Computer Coordinators, Instructional Technology Directors and Instructional Media Services personnel. Mail the most comprehensive database of those involved with technology in education.

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Go To The Head Of The Class

Every MDR Educators database is carefully compiled and stringently cleaned for accuracy and freshness. Databases are certified through strict third party audits. Then our own list cleaning protocol. Choose from numerous selection options including the key data elements that allow precise personalization. Email addresses are also available (inquire for counts and pricing), and are an effective channel for targeting educators. Powerful data enhancements are available, including expanded append services, Instant Breakdown Reports, and more, enabling even more precise targeting with hundreds of demographic and lifestyle selects.

In normal times, 20% of educator contact data succumbs to data decay, year to year. Needless to say, these are not normal times. Schools at all levels have been tasked with maintaining and replenishing staffs. Teachers must find new ways, and places, to serve their students. Providers of educational tools and techniques that want to have a positive impact must be equipped to deliver the right message in the midst of heightened volatility.

After 25 years as a trusted provider, the relationship between Mailinglists.com and MDR Educators/D&B has grown into a wider account management role. relationship between Mailinglists.com and MDR Educators/D&B has grown significantly. The expanded management scope and product offerings represents the latest step forward in our long relationship with Dun & Bradstreet. It is now easier and more affordable than ever for data marketers to target audiences within the $1.3 trillion U.S. education marketplace spanning pre-K through college with MDR data.

MDR Educators Is Ideal For Marketers Of The Following:

  • Remote Instruction Training
  • Special Needs Programs
  • Textbooks & Software Publishers
  • Technology Platforms & Hardware
  • Assessment Tools & Testing
  • School Supplies & Equipment
  • Associations & Non-Profits
  • Government Agencies
  • Consumer Products

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