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Introducing Instant Breakdown Reports

Posted by Steven Sheck, President, Infinite Media

May 29, 2018

Instant Breakdown Reports

Updating counts has become fast and easy. Instant Breakdown Reports let you update count criteria at the click of a button, practically eliminating breakdown request turnaround time for the majority of count types. This powerful feature is a free enhancement to the count creation process, and is available on all systems.

Fine Tune Multiple List Selection Details

Selection options include Geo sub-breakdowns, uploaded codes, radius summary, and demographic sections. Simply indicate the changes for which you want an Instant Breakdown Report and click Run Breakdown. Instant Breakdown works based on the same idea as Recalculate functionality. If ListKey can calculate your request in a reasonable amount of time, we will show you the breakdown on the screen. In cases where the request is complex and may require more than 60 seconds to be properly completed, you will be asked to submit the request for a breakdown report. We will never sacrifice quality for speed.

In all, we are confident that Instant Breakdown Reports will save you time during the count fine tuning process. To learn more, call (914) 948-8300, or contact us for free counts and quotes.

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