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MailingListsXPRESS/D&B In The UK

UK Business Mailing Lists from MailingListsXPRESS/D&B

Beginning on June 1, 2018, MailingListsXPRESS assumed responsibility for serving Dun & Bradstreet customers in the UK. This is the logical result of a relationship between MailingListsXPRESS and D&B that has grown for 24 years. Read Dun & Bradstreet’s formal announcement letter.

MLXP will maintain the quality and service synonymous with business mailing lists built with genuine D&B data, therefore fueling customer growth. Further, MailingListsXPRESS is committed to setting even higher standards for selection, service and value.

How UK Business Mailing Lists from MLXP/D&B Delivers On This Promise
  • We already manage hundreds of Dun & Bradstreet accounts worldwide, so we have the D&B expertise customers deserve.
  • MailingListsXPRESS provides customers large and small with enhanced access to the entire D&B file.
  • Contract customers continue to receive the same D&B data per the exact terms of their agreements.
  • All customers will be personally serviced locally in the U.K. by MailingListsXPRESS experts with extensive D&B experience.
  • MailingListsXPRESS/Dun & Bradstreet Data is fully GDPR compliant
  • Customers occupy “a seat at the table” when evaluating and buying D&B data – a long standing MLXP practice.
  • List building is notably flexible and data delivery features rapid turnaround
  • New data products and features will be available, including expanded append services and Instant Breakdown Reports, etc.

To learn more please reach out to Joanna Webster, our newest UK team member, or Steven Sheck, our President and Founder, and begin to understand how UK business mailing lists from MailingListsXPRESS/D&B can be more rewarding than ever.

Contact Information:

STEVEN R. SHECK, President & Founder

(U.S.) 190 East Post Road, White Plains, NY 10601, USA
Office (from the UK): 00 1 914.948.8300 ext.102

(UK) Suite 45, 24-28 St Leonards Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3BB, UK
Office: +44 (0) 1753 861018