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D&B Data Appends

Fill Gaps In Your Records With Data Appends From D&B

Missing mailing list data means missed opportunities. The D&B database covers 265M+ businesses, 100M+ contacts and 1K+ industries.

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Reach customers and prospects with the fresh, accurate D&B data at all points of contact. Additional demographic and firmographic appends are all available to enhance your records.

Appends include:

  • Postal Appends
  • E-mail Appends
  • Telemarketing Appends
  • Look-Alike Record Matching
  • Merge/Purge
  • Profiling
  • Geocoding
  • Address Mapping
  • DSF Scoring
  • Plus Much More

Note: We apply our HyperHygiene process to all records and appends to ensure data quality.

D&B data appends from Mailinglists.com create a complete picture of your sales lead prospects. That’s how business gets done.