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UCC Lead Lists and UCC Filing Lists

Gain access to over 34 million UCC secured loan filings documenting lender positions and debtor obligations pertaining to business borrowing and merchant cash advance loans in the U.S. UCC lists provide leads identifying lending prospects that may soon need, or are currently in the market for additional funding. They tend to represent a broad spectrum of risk, suitable for different types of lenders.

UCC Lists Available Now

Gain access to over 34 million UCC secured loan filings to business borrowing and merchant cash advance loans in the U.S.

Fresh UCC filing data is available now

The advantage of a comprehensive resource like our UCC Database from D&B is data selects can be extracted as needed by state, lender information, year and month of the loan, and more. Every UCC filing names a creditor and a debtor so you can get the exact data you are looking for.

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The UCC Data You Need

How can UCC filing data benefit lenders?

The data includes a description of the collateral pledged to secure the loan or lease arrangement. Collateral can be a specific piece of equipment or the total assets of a company.

What makes our UCC lists better? 

D&B’s UCC Database File is comprised of fresh UCC filing and lien information, fortified with select D&B business information. UCC data is often available for delivery in mere hours.

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Available Selects For UCC Lists Include:

  • Borrower – Complete details on company borrowing money
  • Lender – Complete details on secured party offering the loan
  • Assets – Type of collateral promised by the borrower

Also consider these lists for your SMB, UCC lending, and cash advance business: We invite you to become familiar with all of our D&B Business data products. Our experts are also ready to assist you with any questions about how UCC secured loan filing data can open doors to a wide range of business financing opportunities.

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