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Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Merchant Cash Advance Leads Reach Alternative Funding Borrowers

More than ever, businesses are turning to alternative loan sources. This includes merchant cash advance loans. Merchant cash for startups and existing companies alike is an important way they can fund their growth and sustain them through difficult times. The competition is fierce among alternative funders for merchant cash advance loan leads. Buy qualified merchant cash advance leads for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs with alternative borrowing histories. Merchant Cash Advance Leads from D&B is the database of choice for records that are current, and verified.

Our Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads Fuel Portfolio Growth

MailingListsXPRESS, in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet offers this comprehensive database sourced from state-by-state UCC filings. It helps direct marketers identify businesses that have been approved and received a COMPANY cash advance loan from an alternative lending source, not a personal loan. The best merchant cash advance leads are fresh and accurate. The file is updated monthly so you are assured of the best merchant cash advance leads available. The result is a database of rich opportunities, ready to be contacted.

Each filing records a range of recurrent funding needs for these borrowers. Collateral includes leased or purchased items like heavy farm equipment, office technology infrastructure, manufacturing machinery, etc. Unlike other databases, Merchant Cash Advance Leads from D&B includes filing data from all 50 states.

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Available Selects include:

  • Top Contact Name
  • Top Contact Title
  • Debtor Company Name
  • Secured Party Name
  • Debtor Postal Address, Email & Phone
  • Borrower’s SIC Code & Description
  • # of Employees of Debtor
  • Collateral used to secure the loan
  • Estimated Sales Volume
  • UCC Filing Date

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