What Is A NAICS Code?

What is NAICS? A company NAICS Code is a number that indicates the primary line of business. The code describes the revenue-producing business activity and is shared by all businesses with the same line of business.

How do I get a NAICS Code? Has one been assigned to me?

NAICS is a self-assigned system. No one assigns you a NAICS Code. Use our online search tool to find out your company NAICS code. Provide it to anyone who asks for it.

Does everyone have one?

Yes. As long as you are a business you must have a business activity. Your code
describes that activity.

Can I use more than one code?

Yes. Most businesses have more than one revenue-producing line of business. How do I find my SIC Code or, I have my SIC Code, How do I find my NAICS Code?
Both an SIC and NAICS code and description will be provided by thwe search tool upon completing the form.

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