Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing uncoated paper bags, or manufacturing multiwall bags and sacks, whether or not coated or containing plastics film or metal foil. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bags from plastics, unsupported film, foil, coated paper, or laminated or coated combinations of these materials, are classified in Industry 2673; and those manufacturing textile bags are classified in Industry 2393.

  • Bags, paper: uncoated-mfpm
  • Glassine bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
  • Grocers’bags and sacks, uncoated paper-mfpm
  • Merchandise bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
  • Multiwall bags, paper-mfpm
  • Sacks, multiwall or heavy-duty shipping sack-mfpm
  • Shipping sacks, paper-mfpm
  • Shopping bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
  • Variety bags, uncoated paper-mfpm