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Steven Sheck

Steven Sheck President and Founder

Brief info:

• Owner and President of Infinite Media, comprising, MailingListsXPRESS, and MailingListsXPRESS/UK (see below)
• Overall, 40 years of experience working in the direct marketing industry
• Considered an industry expert in business to business direct marketing
• Has worked with the D&B file for over 25 years.
• In-depth knowledge of all D&B list data products
• Implements in-house processing for all orders
• Partner in the list company Complete Mailing Lists

“Give us a call. You can count on me and everyone at for fresh, entrepreneurial enthusiasm plus disciplined Fortune 500 experience to power your next direct marketing campaign.”

This year, MailingListsXPRESS expanded their relationship with Dun & Bradstreet, acquiring most of the customer assets of D&B’s UK reseller division. Mailinglistsxpress/UK has been operational since June 1, 2018 with an office in Windsor, a suburb of London. Read more about this latest chapter in our growth.

Steven Sheck founded Infinite Media in 1993 after working for many years at major direct marketing firms. He has managed direct marketing campaigns for a number of A-list clients. Among them are OfficeMax, Nextel, AT&T, General Electric, American Express, and Pitney Bowes.

Selections are the the “menu” from which B2B direct mail marketers choose to build their mailing lists. With more data available than ever, it pays to really understand the choices. This includes the usual selects, plus some very useful risk metrics.

Want to know know who, where and what a business is?:

Top contact. Phone. State. ZIP. SIC Code.

Need a bit more dimension or business culture?:

Sales volume. Number of employees. Year started. Women owned.

How about business activity triggers?:

Explore UCC filing (or PPSA in Canada) databases to discover secured interests in the business’s operations. You’ll see seasoned business loan activity. You’ll find contact information for both borrower and lender. You’ll see descriptions of the pledged collateral. An understanding of the life cycle of that collateral, particularly equipment, software, etc., can help marketers schedule campaigns to meet borrower’s needs as – or just before – they arise.

Then There’s Business Risk:

UCC filings inch closer to one of the most important questions that arises when prospecting for business: Is this business a good risk? Have they paid their bills? Will they continue to do so?

Dun & Bradstreet has created a suite of risk assessment tools that make this easier. Users can selectively filter for Paydex business credit score (the business counterpart of FICO), Prescreen Score, a business bill payment reliability indicator, and the comprehensive D&B Viability Rating that employs proprietary predictive analysis tools to assess future business risk. The data these tools yield is available for all D&B business lists. Direct marketers will therefore find more efficient and effective ways to target public and private owned U.S. businesses.

All in all, the total range of selectable data can paint a vivid picture of prospective business customers. It is important to know who you are doing business with, but also to gauge the likelihood of potential partners paying their bills, and being there in the future. Risk assessment information like Paydex and Prescreen scores, and Viability rating are best of breed and worth requesting with every business mailing list.

In a world of rising costs, like the 2017 USPS Standard Mail price hikes, direct mailers need to be sure that the paths to contact don’t become a road to ruin.