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New: Merchant Cash Advanced Leads From D&B

Posted by Steven Sheck, President, Infinite Media

August 23, 2016

Mailinglists.com offers current Merchant Cash Advance UCC filing and registration data to target businesses that have taken a business loan from a non-traditional lending source. Increase your merchant cash advance services business by reaching startups, small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises who depend on alternative funding sources to grow.

Review the Datacard for Usage and Pricing

Each Merchant Cash Advance UCC filing signifies a broad range of often recurrent funding needs for these borrowers. Collateral tends to take the form of leased items, such as heavy farm equipment, office technology infrastructure, manufacturing machinery, etc. Unlike other suppliers, the UCC Merchant Cash Advance Leads from D&B includes filing data nationwide. Reach the top contact at these businesses that have been approved and received a COMPANY loan from an alternative lending source, not a personal loan. The file is updated monthly so you are assured of fresh opportunities.

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