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I.P. Address Targeting Adds New Dimension To Campaigns

Posted by Steven Sheck, President, Infinite Media

December 1, 2016

The digital ad display world has long made use of browsing histories to target prospects. These histories can now be applied to audience data to yield a fresh data append – I.P. addresses. Addresses ranging from office, manufacturing or convention locations to single or multiple individuals in a given household can be targeted. Web bots are effectively screened out. Targeted digital advertising is now taking its place alongside postal, email and phone selects to enrich the ways customers and prospects may be reached. Providers like Targeted Ad Display from Virtual DBS, using a proprietary process, cross-reference customer databases or other traditional mailing list data with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP addresses. An integrated network of ad exchanges then serves targeted customers or prospects more timely and relevant digital offers, increasing response rates and overall marketing ROI. This adds a real time, measurable dimension to cross channel campaigns seeking new ways to maximize results.

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