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Market To New Restaurants When They Need You Most

Market To New Restaurants When They Need You Most

The Race Goes To The Swift. If They Have The Right Data.

The restaurant industry is the nexus of many industries, and supports a sizable chunk of the U.S. labor force. New restaurants may start small, but the best ones plan to grow. Just as their customers expect prompt service, restaurant entrepreneurs are have no stomach for inaction. Reaching new and established restaurant businesses when their needs are greatest must be the focus of marketers to this dynamic industry.

Data For New Restaurants Includes:
  • SIC Codes: Get specific SIC Codes for restaurants by type of service and style of cuisine.
  • UCC and Merchant Cash Advance Data: Get the financial picture on new and established restaurants.
  • Who, What, When, Where: Ownership, business concept, start date, full contact details, and more.
Get The Attention Of The Most Dynamic Players In The Restaurant Business, With No Reservations.

Restaurant data from Mailinglists.com is perfect for offers of professional services, kitchen and dining room equipment, point of sale systems, insurance, and more. Everything restaurant owners and operators need to succeed. Always fresh, accurate, and a consistently good value.

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Reach New Restaurant Businesses in 2020
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