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MDR Educators List

School Library Data

Market to school librarians in the public or private sector with the most trusted library database from the D&B MDR Educators Data. Connect with an experienced data pro, tell us what you need, and find the best school librarian mailing list for your needs.

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Reach school librarian prospects who matter.

Sell Your Books, Educational Products, Services, and More

Mailinglists.com works with educational product manufacturers, service providers, and publishers looking for the best school librarian data. Our targeted mailing lists and email lists help companies reach decision-makers and prospects for learning materials, books, CDs, DVDs, educational software, subscriptions, search services, automation services, and more. 

With over 28+ years of selling high quality educational data, we are positioned to be your expert guide to high quality data!

Discover the difference we can make with your educational target market campaigns

Put exceptional educational list professionals and database resources to work building your success.
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Targeted Data Lists = Better ROI

Librarians are informed, educated buyers and influencers throughout their schools and communities. Many specific titles are also available: Library Directors, Assistant Directors, Branch Heads, Acquisitions, Adult Services, Audiovisual, Children’s, Circulation, etc.

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School Librarians

The School Librarians file can be segmented in many ways: school type (elementary, secondary), enrollment, urban/suburban/rural, and technology.

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College Librarians

The College Librarians file can be segmented by book budget, collection size, enrollment, college type (2 year, 4 year), and more. 

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MDR Public Librarians

The MDR Public Librarians file can be segmented in many ways: book budget, number of branches, urban/suburban/rural, main or branch locations, etc. 

Your Best School Librarian Prospects Awaits

Think of Mailinglists.com as an extension of your marketing team.

  • 25+ years of experience in educational marketing data 
  • School librarian postal mailing lists and email lists available
  • Customized lists for targeted marketing
  • Competitive pricing based on selects 
  • Up-to-date, accurate marketing data
  • Fast turnaround available

Nationwide Library Data At Your Fingertips:

  • Public schools, colleges, universities
  • Private schools, colleges, universities
  • Public libraries

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