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Make Contact With I.P. Address Data

Posted by Steven Sheck, President, Infinite Media

November 22, 2016

There’s a new address in town: I.P. address data matched to audience, customer or acquired mailing list data is now available. Such “Ad Tech” is significant because the contact data it yields enables cost effective targeting at a time when USPS standard mail rates are slated to increase in 2017. (The Postal Regulatory Commission has given approval for the proposed increases, which would take effect in January 2017.)

The digital ad display world has long made use of browsing histories to target prospects. These histories can now be applied to audience data to yield a fresh data append – I.P. addresses. Addresses ranging from office, manufacturing or convention locations to single or multiple individuals in a given household can be targeted. Web bots are effectively screened out.

The demographic models used by providers like Targeted Ad Display from Virtual DBS can yield high look-alike match rates, allowing direct marketers to contact relevant audiences in a more timely, coordinated fashion across multiple channels, including postal mail, email, sms messaging, and telemarketing.

Timeliness is built in, with benefits that span the spectrum of B2C/B2B. The implementation of a digital ad campaign can occur very quickly upon receiving the audience database. This is important when marketing to targets going through trigger events such as business and consumer financing, home or office moving, etc., often within 24 hours of their occurrence. Tracking and reporting can be built into the campaign enabling more efficient integration of target marketing materials.

With so many people in business, at home, and even on the road “living” online, it makes sense to create a more seamless experience for them to receive offers of interest. I.P. address targeting adds a real time, measurable dimension to cross channel campaigns. Direct marketers can streamline the task of reaching prospects coherently when, where, and how they live and work. All by using targeted ad display more tightly integrated with postal, email and telemarketing content.

The process of gathering, analyzing, implementing and tracking results for an I.P. address enabled campaign can bring with it considerable overhead including time, expertise and therefore expense. The new streamlined model driven options from developers like are a boon to marketers. Postal, email and telemarketing campaign followup can be sharpened on the heels of I.P. delivery, targeting to titles and narrow demographic specifics.

Appending I.P. address data is now efficient, affordable and adds a real time, measurable dimension to cross channel campaigns seeking new ways to maximize results.


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