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Monthly UCC Hotlist From D&B

Type: Direct Mail List, Email List, Telemarketing List
  • This is the business mailing list that lets you reach small, medium and large businesses that have taken a loan from either a bank, holding company, financial services institution or the financial arm of a leading company.
  • Reach the top contact at our nation’s businesses who have been approved and received a bank loan.

All of these companies have been approved for a company loan, not a personal loan. They are growing and profitable small, medium and large businesses that have been credit approved by a significant lending institution. These loans are all part of the UCC business mailing list data from D&B, which represents the most complete and accurate financial data available.


Segment Total
Total Universe 27,365,415


This business mailing list is sourced from D&B / (Uniform Commercial Code) filings, we are segmenting this financial data to help reach businesses who have borrowed money for their growing businesses.

What makes this file so valuable? It gives you the opportunity to reach growing small businesses that are credit worthy. We also know which bank loaned these individuals money to help grow their small, medium or large business. Institutions / Lenders are selectable for more individualized targeting for your specific product or service.

UCC filings register a secured party’s interest in a commercial loan. Commercial borrowers secure a loan by using commercial goods as collateral so the bank offering the loan is protected. After the debtor pays off the loan, the lender files a release. Lenders protect their financial interest through a UCC filing.

In lending agreements, collateral is a borrower’s pledge of specific property to a lender, to secure repayment of a loan. The collateral serves as protection for a lender against a borrower’s default – that is, any borrower failing to pay the principal and interest under the terms of a loan obligation. If a borrower does default on a loan due to insolvency or other event, that borrower forfeits the property pledged as collateral–and the lender then becomes the owner of the collateral.


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