Precision IMA – New Internet Businesses

Precision IMA – New Internet Businesses

New Internet Businesses…..we have taken it to a higher level!

Verified as having a NEW Internet presence, these businesses are typically businesses that have recently came live and are ready to make large scale business decisions.

What sets this file apart from the standard compiled new business lists are speed to market and type of business. This information is collected at the time of initial Internet presence, the names are often more recent than other new business lists. In addition to the fresh hotlines both weekly & monthly, these businesses are incorporating technology into their sales initiatives. These two advantages make this list appropriate for traditional business-to-business products and service mailers, as well as mailers seeking entrepreneurs who embrace technology as it applies to their sales.


Our file does not contain “shell” companies or businesses that are “non-active” as other new business files do.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $150.00/M 1,326,457
August Hotline + $25.00/M 48,912
Phone Number + $25.00/M
Type Of Business + $10.00/M


This new internet businesses list identifies young enterprises and startup firms that have an active web site and accept credit cards or other online payment services. They transact using Visa, AmEx, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, and other transaction platforms on their website. New Internet Businesses from Precision IMA reliably reaches them with great success.

Our proprietary web mining technology rigorously updates all entries in our database every 90 days. Therefore our telephone and postal mailing list contains accurate, fresh data. The result is the ability to connect with businesses who have identified using a credit cards or payment processing services. Plus, there is a weekly Hotline available. This capability combined with their unique select options creates the most timely and cost-effective way to reach businesses.

Experience The Power Of Precise Data With This Highly Effective New Internet Businesses List.

For the last few years, our clients have experience tremendous success using various parts of this large data file. Now that Infinite Media is the new list manager, we have discovered new ways to target the PRECISE audience our mailers need to target. Now is your chance to experience what we have known for years. Precision IMA is the database for today’s serious direct mail marketer who really wants to make a difference for their clients.


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