Aaron’s Sector Investors

Aaron’s Sector Investors

Aaron’s targets high value investors who are continuously seeking investment opportunities to increase their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Reach individual investors according to risk profile and investment style. They hold diverse sector investment portfolios including stocks, bonds, real estate and more.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $125.00/M 3,890,500
Last 24 Months $125.00/M 1,713,556
Hotline + $20.00/M 58,901
Telemarketing + $30.00/M
Email ($2500 minimum) + $40.00/M


Aaron’s Sector Investors is the reliably responsive sector investors mailing list. Reach high value investors who have both market knowledge and investment skills. They act on their own but are always open to good investment advice. This are continuously seeking opportunities to increase their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Ensure that your mailer offers relevant investment opportunities and timely information. Target individual investors according to their risk profile and investment style. Reach Investors with high net worth who hold diverse sector investment portfolios including CD’s, real estate (including REITs), stocks, limited partnerships, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments.

Keep in mind that these successful investors are also excellent prospects for big ticket items and luxury goods as well as fundraising efforts. Whether spending, donating or investing they do their research before making any financial decision.

Sector Investors Mailing List Categories

Portfolio Interests: Duplication will exist across interests.

Real Estate – 2,397,453
High Income Newsletter Subscribers – 1,874,090
Gold & Silver Safe Haven – 2,876,964
Investment Professionals – 2,451,875
Foreign Investors – 2,987,122
Forex / Currency Investors – 2,998,043
Franchise Opportunity Seekers – 1,564,993
Commodity Investors – 1,590,223
Stocks – 1,675,908
Christian Investors – 613,021
Micro Cap Stock Investors – 1,878,005
Oil & Gas Sector – 2,245,092
Auction Buyers – 2,000,103
Alternative Fuels – 1,878,999
Mutual Funds – 875,232
Bonds – 478,002
Eco Friendly Green Investors – 2,878,994
Gold Newsletter – 345,545
Gaming – 271,882
Micro Cap Stock Investors – 765,994
Coin/Stamps Investors – 109,998


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Honest Forex
Evolution Group
Commonwealth Diamond group
Northwestern University
Creative Investment
Online Trading Academy
US Money Reserve
US Gold Firm
Natural Contrarian

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to reach investors and baby boomers who are ready to retire and have money to spend on your mailer’s offer.

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605