IP Targeting – Digital Ad Addresses / UDX

IP Targeting – Digital Ad Addresses / UDX

Digital Ad IP Targeting from Infinite Media reaches your B2C & B2B customers and prospects online by matching their I.P. address to their physical address.


Total Universe / Universe Rate $20.00/M 10,002,000
Rich Media/Video $29.00/M 10,000,000
Universal Data Exchange (UDX Leads) Daily $499.00/F
Universal Data Exchange (UDX Leads) Weekly $399.00/F
Universal Data Exchange (UDX Leads) Monthly $299.00/F


It’s time to take your message digital with Digital Ad IP Targeting from Infinite Media. Directly target your most sought-after B2C and B2B customers and prospects online by matching their I.P. address to their physical address.

How Digital Ad IP Targeting Works

Direct digital ad IP targeting will display banner ads to a specific household or business, in a given location, based on their IP. Gain new customers, build brand awareness, and enhance postal mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. Reach your audience better than ever and stay in budget!

Using a proprietary process, customer databases or other traditional mailing list data are matched and cross-referenced with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP address. An integrated network of ad exchanges then serves targeted customers or prospects more timely and relevant digital offers, increasing response rates and overall marketing ROI. This adds a real time, measurable dimension to cross channel campaigns seeking new ways to maximize results.

Universal Data Exchange: Sales are the life blood of an organization…..With UDE, you’ll keep the leads flowing in! We provide you with a matching postal address and an email if available for $40/M.

  • UDX-Leads is a Self-Serve Lead Generation Platform.
  • It converts anonymous website traffic to actionable leads the very next day.
  • UDX-Leads can turn an IP address into a person or business, enhanced with a core set of demographics.
  • Leads can be sent to you the very next day, allowing you to engage your customers when they are most interested.

Best Practices – Available Upon Request

Addition Available Services:

  • Geo Fencing
  • Target Ad Display
  • Digital Ad Display
  • Digital Targeting

Complete your current mailing lists with data appends that include:

  • NEW!: I.P. Addresses – Enrich your Customer Db and/or purchased list – CALL!
  • E-mail Appends – Verified and current
  • Telemarketing Appends – Landline and mobile, reverse append available
  • Look-Alike Record Matching – Watch your mailing list records multiply
  • Merge/Purge
  • Building Your Prospect Databases
  • Profiling
  • Geocoding (using latitude and longitude and zip+4 centroid)
  • Address Mapping
  • DSF Scoring
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