U.S. Business Email Database from D&B

U.S. Business Email Database from D&B

D&B is the largest and most comprehensive targeted business contact database available. Sources undergo strict monthly monitoring for freshness, verification and accuracy.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $325.00/M 6,640,453
U.S. Business Email Addresses (All Per) $325.00/M 6,640,453


Compiled sources undergo strict monthly monitoring to ensure freshness, verification and accuracy. The results are high levels of deliverability and response.
NOTE: Email addresses are available for public and private U.S. businesses.
As you would expect from the worldwide leader in business intelligence, Dun & Bradstreet makes a wide choice of demographic, firmographic and contact selects available. Business to business direct mail marketers will therefore find many effective ways to target public and private owned U.S. & International businesses with this exceptional database.

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