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Our Data Append Services Are About Growth

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Is Your Contact Data Complete, Correct, And Up To Date?

Data does not age well. The torrent of data that flows from many sources must be verified, and updated to account for moves, mergers, and more.

List data append services from Mailinglists.com will identify and correct typos, update residential and professional addresses, and keep current with all forms of electronic and telecommunications contact.


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Update and complete your B2B and B2C records quickly, accurately and affordably.

Keep in constant touch with your hard-earned customers. We apply our stringent HyperHygiene process to all records and appends to ensure data quality. Reach well-vetted prospects with your campaigns via any channel, as never before.

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Business List Appends

MailingListsXPRESS is our long-standing partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, the gold standard of business data. This special relationship assures our customers of unfettered yet uniquely affordable access to the complete D&B database that covers 265M+ businesses, 100M+ contacts and 1K+ industries. The scope and quality of D&B data is at your fingertips.

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Append firmographic data for businesses with our help.

businesses including formation types, industries, executives (with titles), revenue, employee size, years in business, UCC filings, and more. Recent additions include I.P. address targeting for behavioral modeling, and brand-specific enterprise technology user data.

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Customer List Appends

Gain A Complete Picture Of Your Consumer Audience. Data appending provides key elements that describe your B2C audience in greater detail. Append demographic data for individual consumers, families and households including age, date of birth, number of children, residential details, income, credit score, and more.


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Top benefits of Data Appends

Understand Who Your Customers Are
The more you know about members of your audience, the easier it becomes to deliver relevant messages and offers to each prospect on a personal level. Your direct marketing efforts necessarily become more efficient as touchpoints are utilized to greater effect.

Your Appended Data Is Delivered Quickly
Our data gathering and processing techniques ensure you won’t wait long to begin reaping the benefits of appended data. Your time/labor costs required to search out and verify missing data elements, identify and correct input errors, and generate fresh records in the desired format are well worth the modest investment.Last But Not Least: You Save Money
Bad data is wasteful. Undeliverable or poorly targeted postal mail, incorrect or non-functioning phone numbers, and bounced email hurt your reputation and your bottom line. Properly executed data appending keeps your campaigns focused and efficient. Data append services from Mailinglists.com impact marketing efficiency and deliver ROI for your business.

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