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What Makes Our UCC Data Different

Get Better UCC Filing Data

Our UCC Data Is Different

The difference begins with a relationship. MailingListsXPRESS/D&B is our 25 year partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. D&B employs time-tested verification procedures for freshness and accuracy, and appends missing data elements that are hallmarks of D&B data quality. We further apply HyperHygiene, our effective data cleaning process, as an additional layer of data accuracy. It’s difficult to overstate to the difference verified, versatile UCC filing data can make.

Mailinglists.com Offers UCC filing Data From All 50 States

Our database includes UCC filing record data of unequaled depth and quality from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. This is not always the case, and obviously makes a difference to direct mail marketers that need to reach a nationwide audience.

UCC filings, recorded on a state by state basis, paint a vivid image in time and substance of a business’s financing activity. Better UCC filing data on a broad scope empowers finance institutions to assess risk across industries and geographies. By studying the trove of data that each filing contains, lenders can determine business health and therefore suitability for credit.

UCC Filing Data From Mailinglists.com Offers Special Choices

Mailinglists.com will customize your UCC mailing list to focus on industry segments that matter to you. Selections capturing granular demographic and firmographic details, such as collateral type, are always available. This translates into relevance which makes a big difference in cost savings and response rates.

These Differences And More Mean You Get Better UCC Filing Data

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