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All UCC Databases Are NOT The Same

All UCC Databases
Are NOT The Same

Identify & Qualify More Financing Prospects With Better UCC Data

UCC filings, recorded on a state by state basis, paint a vivid image in time and substance of a business’s financing activity. Better UCC data empowers finance institutions to assess risk. By studying the trove of data each filing contains, lenders can determine business health and therefore suitability for credit.

Successful Direct Marketers Know Relevance And Timing Are EVERYTHING.

Mailinglists.com only delivers fresh UCC filing records. They comprise recent transaction dates and detailed descriptions of secured collateral, plus buyer and lender info. This intelligence can be put to use in a number of ways, from direct marketing to internal operations and planning.

The Value Of Verified, Versatile UCC Data From Mailinglists.com

MailingListsXPRESS/D&B is our 25 year partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. D&B employs time-tested verification procedures for freshness and accuracy, and appends missing data elements that are hallmarks of D&B data quality. We further apply HyperHygiene, our effective data cleaning process, as an additional layer of data accuracy. Together, the result is UCC filing record data – from all 50 states – of unequaled depth and quality.

UCC From Mailinglists.com Offers Choices

The industry segments that matter to you are available from Mailinglists.com, plus a long list of collateral types that may be identified in a filing.

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