Mailing List Hygiene & Data Cleaning

HyperHygiene = Cleaner Data & Higher Direct Mail List Quality

Simple, Sensible Data Cleaning Tools For Data Quality Enhancement

At our mailing list brokers and managers do more to deliver sales lead data that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We have developed a suite of data cleaning tools and techniques that rely on common sense and benefit from over 20 years of deep-dive data experience. So you can buy the right direct mail lists with confidence.

This Is Business, Not Personal.

It’s true. When you buy a direct mail list of businesses, consumer records can show up among the business records you expect. Both message and money are wasted on the wrong sales lead target.

Fact: Phone companies may reassign what were once business phone numbers to individual leads. However there may be a lag in reporting such changes so they are NOT included in business lead list updates.

Fact: When targeting small business sales leads it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between a home based business, and a businessperson working from home.

Employing HyperHygiene we are able to find and filter out personal records that can appear on even the best business lists. The refined list is smaller but of higher quality. Less is more.

A Fresh Approach To NCOA Updates.

It’s About Timing. Our customers have told us of their frustration with business sales lead lists that contain records that have moved or ceased to exist. That’s often due to NCOA - National Change Of Address - update cycles that do not keep pace with the constant moving, opening and closing of businesses.

Minimum Requirements Don’t Cut It. We go beyond the legally required NCOA update cycle to keep business lead lists as fresh and accurate as possible. We perform NCOA sweeps far more often than most list sources can. This means that the lists you buy from us have less waste and more opportunity.

Don't perform further NCOA updates on your own time for a list you've paid good money to use. Rely on us to ensure your lists are as fresh as possible with HyperHygiene. It’s About Time.

Down With Duplicate Sales Leads!

Duplicate records can be wasteful and even embarrassing. There are many ways they can infest your valuable sales leads.

It may simply be that during the registration process business information was improperly entered or encoded. It may occur through the formation of a DBA, a separate product or service area. The system that generates Duns numbers assigns a separate one for each entity even if they exist under the same owner at the same address.

Identifying and eradicating duplicate records will save you money. We de-dupe lists by digging a little deeper than most to expose erroneous or parent-child relationships. With over 20 years of data experience, we know where to dig! This means that the lists you buy from MailingListsXPRESS are cleaner and more accurately targeted.

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