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International Businesses From D&B/Worldbase

Reach Global Gatekeepers With The Most Comprehensive Global Database Of Its Kind.
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Target top international businesses worldwide, with 7.2 million linked by corporate affiliations in over 200 countries. The best business mailing list for your international customer information and prospecting needs.

The International Businesses Database From D&B provides access to a host of D&B decision-support services for planning, marketing, sales, risk management, purchasing, research, legal, consulting, and government applications. Global Company Lookup, Background information on more than 130 million companies across the globe. Global Family Linkage, View Family Linkage information on more than one million corporate families worldwide. Global Marketing Lists, Create lists for marketing and competitive analysis.

 Representative Country Counts  Total
 Argentina  377,337
 Australia  818,259
 Denmark  616,699
 France  5,094,931
 Germany  3,101,313
 Italy  2,197,674
 Netherlands  1.907,570
 Japan  2,553,749
 U.K. England  1,483,374
 China  2,134,763
 South Africa  227,478
 India  845,910
 Czech Republic  2,177,170
 Portugal  738,739
 Spain  2,604,778

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