Early Childhood Teachers from MDR

Early Childhood Teachers from MDR

Reach the $12 billion early childhood teachers market with data from MDR. This includes day care centers and chains plus pre-K/K educators, directors and staff.


Total Universe / Universe Rate $100.00/M 264,988
Pre K to Grade 3 Teachers $15.00/M 264,205
Pre K - Grade 3 Schools $15.00/M 71,422
Pre K Teachers $15.00/M 40,124
Day Care Centers $15.00/M 105,210
Day Care Directors $15.00/M 100,073
Email Addresses $375.00/M


MDR - A D&B Company

Reach the $12 billion early childhood teachers market with data from MDR. This includes day care centers and chains plus pre-K/K educators, directors and staff.

Early Childhood Teachers By The Numbers:
  • 105,210 Day Care Centers
  • 100,743 Day Care Directors
  • 40,124 PreK/K Teachers
  • 71,422 Pre-K to Grade 3 Schools
  • 264,205 Pre-K to Grade 3 Teachers

Accurate, timely and complete, the compiled database includes virtually all early childhood teachers and administrators in the U.S. The file is updated monthly to ensure accuracy.

About MDR

MDR (a D&B company since 1986) is the leading provider of sales and marketing information about the education marketplace. MDR products and services are powered by the most complete, current, and accurate education databases available in the nation. Reach virtually every teacher (over 95%) in the U.S. market, including at home address. Products range from comprehensive mailing lists to powerful e-marketing programs.

Target an array of segments from elementary to secondary teachers and administrators and on up to college level professors. Reach the full educator audience. Given the quality of the MDR database, your mailer can achieve contact with the educator audience as never before.

Selection Options Include The Following & More:

Grade Level
Job Title
Phone Number
School Type

NOTE: Email Addresses Are Available – Please Inquire for Counts and Pricing.

School Types:

Public Schools
Private Schools, Catholic
Private Schools, Non-Catholic

School Personnel:

By Name
Teachers By Grade
Art Teachers
Computer Science Teachers
English/Reading Teachers
Fine Arts
Foreign/World Language Teachers
Guidance Services
Mathematics Teachers
Music Teachers
Physical Education
ROTC Instructors
Science Teachers
Social Studies Teachers
Special Education Teachers
Vocational Education Teachers
Other Teaching Staff
Other Key Personnel

Educators At Home Address ( K-12) – Selectable Titles Include:

Accounting Teacher
Adaptive PE Teacher
Advanced Algebra Teacher
Agricultural Education Teacher
Aids Awareness Instructor
Algebra Teacher
American Literature Teacher
Applied Math Teacher
Art History/Appreciation Tchr
Art Teacher
Astronomy Teacher
Auto Mechanics/Repair Teacher
Band Director
Bilingual Education Teacher
Biology Teacher
Business English Teacher
Business Law Teacher
Business/Consumer Math Teacher
Business/Office Ed Teacher
Calculus Teacher
Career & Technical Ed Teacher
Career Education Teacher
Chemistry Teacher
Child Development Teacher
Chinese Teacher
Civics/Government Teacher
Cloth/Textiles Teacher
Commercial Art Teacher
Computer Applications Teacher
Computer Literacy Teacher
Computer Math Teacher
Computer Programming Teacher
Computer Science Teacher
Construction Trades Teacher
Consumer Economics Teacher
Cooperative Ed Consultant
Cosmetology Teacher
Craft Teacher
Creative Writing Teacher
Culinary Arts Teacher
Current Events Teacher
Dance Teacher
Desktop Publishing Teacher
Drafting Teacher
Drama Teacher
Driver Education Teacher
Earth Science Teacher
Economics Teacher
Eighth Grade Teacher
Electronics Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Eleventh Grade Teacher
English/Language Arts Teacher
Environmental Science Teacher
ESL Teacher
Family/Consumer Sciences Tchr
Fifth Grade Teacher
Fine Arts Teacher
First Grade Teacher
Food/Nutrition Teacher
Foreign/World Lang Teacher
Fourth Grade Teacher
French Teacher
General Math Teacher
General Music Teacher
General Science Teacher
Geography Teacher
Geometry Teacher
German Teacher
Graphic Arts Teacher
Head Start Teacher
Head Teacher
Health Occupations Teacher
Health Teacher
Horticulture Teacher
Hospital/Homebound Teacher
Human Anatomy/Physiology Tchr
Humanities Teacher
Instrumental Music Teacher
Intermediate Teacher
Internet/Website Teacher
Italian Teacher
Japanese Teacher
Journalism Teacher
Keyboarding/Typing Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Latin Teacher
Law Teacher
Lead Fifth Grade Teacher
Lead First Grade Teacher
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
Lead Kindergarten Teacher
Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Lead Second Grade Teacher
Lead Sixth Grade Teacher
Lead Third Grade Teacher
Learning Differences Teacher
Life Science Teacher
Life Skills Teacher
Literature Teacher
Marketing/Distrib Ed Teacher
Math Teacher
Media Communications Teacher
Metalwork Teacher
Minorities Teacher
Multimedia Teacher
Music Teacher
Music Theory/Appreciation Tchr
Networking Teacher
Ninth Grade Teacher
Personal Finance Teacher
Philosophy Teacher
Photography Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Science Teacher
Physics Teacher
Pre Calculus Teacher
Pre-Algebra Teacher
Pre-First Grade Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Primary School Teacher
Psychology Teacher
Reading Recovery Teacher
Reading Teacher
Religious Studies Teacher
Remedial Math Teacher
Remedial Reading Teacher
Resource Teacher
Russian Teacher
Science Teacher
Second Grade Teacher
Secondary Teacher
Seventh Grade Teacher
Sign Language Teacher
Sixth Grade Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
Sociology/Anthropology Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Speech/Debate Teacher
Spelling Teacher
State/Local History Teacher
Statistics Teacher
Study Skills Teacher
Teacher Of Physically Challenged
Teacher Of Visually Impaired
Teacher Mentor
Teacher Mentor Director
Teacher Of Gifted Children
Teacher Of Mentally Challenged
Teacher Personnel Director
Technology Ed/Trade Teacher
Tenth Grade Teacher
Test Preparation Teacher
Third Grade Teacher
Title 1 Teacher
Trigonometry Teacher
Twelfth Grade Teacher
U S History Teacher
Welding Teacher
Woodworking Teacher
Word Processing Teacher
World History/Culture Teacher
Writing/Composition Teacher
Teachers at Home

List Contacts

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605