Veteran Owned Businesses Masterfile From D&B

Veteran Owned Businesses Masterfile From D&B

U.S. business ownership by veterans of our armed forces is growing. The Veteran Owned Business Masterfile From D&B is one of the largest and most comprehensive veteran owned business databases available. A wide choice of the most desired U.S. business contact selects are available. Sources undergo strict monthly monitoring for freshness and accuracy. Target and reach these dynamic businesses as they are formed and grow.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $90.00/M 157,662
Contact Name + $10.00/M 157,662
Email Addresses $400.00/M


The Veteran Owned Businesses Masterfile From D&B keeps pace with the growing number of U.S. companies owned and operated by veterans. This includes veterans of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. It is one of the largest, freshest and most comprehensive databases of these disciplined, patriotic leaders available.

Dun & Bradstreet offers a wide choice of specific ethnographic, demographic, firmographic and contact selects, so coverage is broad. Just as you would expect from the worldwide leader in business intelligence. We update the file continuously, so freshness is ensured. Sources include public records, bank records, mail surveys, management interviews and more. Get timely and accurate data every time you order from the Veteran Owned Businesses Masterfile From D&B.

Veteran Owned Business is a Growing Opportunity

Business to business direct marketers can now be sure to stay current with this trend. Target veterans whose businesses focus on their own communities or serve the broader population. Become recognized as a respectful and relevant marketer as a result of marketing with accurate data. Help veteran owned businesses grow, aided by your products and services.

Targeted digital advertising data is now available in addition to postal, email and phone selects. Therefore you have more ways to reach your audience. We match customer databases or other traditional mailing list data using a proprietary process. We then cross-reference the results with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP address. Call for details.


List Contacts

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605