Executive Directors from D&B

Executive Directors from D&B

Directors from D&B is the largest and most comprehensive business database available, including over 20 million public and private U.S. business enterprises. A wide choice of the most desired U.S. business contact selects are available. Sources undergo strict monthly monitoring for freshness and accuracy.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $75.00/M 561,373
Directors - 1 Per Location $75.00/M 561,373
Directors - Multiple Per Location $75.00/M 1,097,156
Email Addresses $400.00/M


Reach these important leaders with The Executive Director mailing list from D&B. These professionals wield operational responsibility at the enterprise, department, and practice level. It is part of the largest and most comprehensive database of U.S. business owners and executives, as a result offering the broadest coverage available. Marketers can target over 20 million U.S. businesses and organizations of every size and description so they gain valuable market coverage.

Importantly, the Executive Director mailing list from D&B is continuously updated. Strict monthly monitoring of compiled sources ensures freshness and accuracy. Therefore, mailers can expect superior levels of deliverability and response.

The database offers a wide choice of demographic, firmographic and contact selects, as you would expect from the worldwide leader in business intelligence. Business to business direct marketers will therefore target public and private owned U.S. businesses and organizations effectively.

Targeted digital advertising data is now available, in addition to postal, email and phone selects. We match customer databases or other traditional mailing list data using a proprietary process, then cross-reference the results with specific internet browsing activity and/or IP address.

Customers and prospects receive more timely and relevant digital offers through an integrated network of ad exchanges. Consequently, response rates and overall marketing ROI increase. Marketers seeking seeking new ways to maximize cross channel campaign results may add a real time, measurable dimension as a result. Connect with your customers or prospects while they’re online. Call for details.

Select from any of these titles specifically at no additional charge:

A1CT – Executive Managing Director

A1G7 – Board of Directors

A2IU – Authority Director

A615 – Director Of Case Management

A626 – Director Of Laboratory

A627 – Associate Director

A636 – Director Of Social

A644 – Director Of Planning And Corpo

A645 – Creative Director

A646 – Director Of Communications

A647 – Director Of Radiology

A655 – Director Of Pharmacy Services

A65A – Director Of Pharmacy

A663 – Director Of Environmental Svs

A6A1 – Senior Director

A6A2 – Director Of Telecommunications

A6AA – Director Of Operating Room

A6BA – Director Of Patient Care/Nursi

A6BZ – Director Of Infection Control

A6C7 – Director Of Risk Management

ABA2 – Director Icu/Coronary Care Unit

ABA7 – Director Of Surgery

ADA4 – Director Of Records

ADZ9 – Director Of Volunteer

B618 – Director Of Security

B635 – Director Of Patient Accounts

B699 – Administration Director

B6EC – Administrative Director

B6EE – Director Shareholder Services

B6EF – Regional Director

B6EH – Senior Managing Director

B6H2 – Executive Director

B6H8 – Managing Director

B6J3 – Store Director

C601 – Director Of Quality Improvemen

C624 – Director Information Technolog

C6I3 – Director Of Mis/Is

D699 – Director of Engineering

D6ET – Technical Director

D6EZ – Development Director

D6O0 – Research Development Director

D7EX – Project Director

E6FG – Director of Finance

E6G4 – Accounting Director

F6FV – Recruiting Director

F6G0 – Employee Relations Director

F6H4 – Human Resources Director

F6I6 – Personnel Director

F6J5 – Training & Dev Director

F6J6 – Training Director

G698 – Procurement Director

G699 – Purchasing Director

H6FY – Director of Operations

H6H9 – Manufacturing Director

H6I0 – Safety Director

H6I1 – Materials Director

H6I7 – Production Director

H6J4 – Traffic Director

H6O7 – Quality Control Director

I699 – Sales & Marketing Director

I6A1 – E-Business Director

I6A2 – E-Commerce Director

I6G6 – Advertising Director

I6H0 – Marketing Director

I6H1 – Corp Communications Director

I6I1 – Public Relations Director

I6J2 – Sales Director

I6K2 – Business Development Director

I6K8 – Customer Service Director

J699 – Facilities Director

J6E2 – Physical Plant Director

J6H7 – Maintenance Director

K601 – Federal Program Director

K656 – Deputy Director

L6A6 – Director Of Pastoral Care

M622 – Library Director

M6E6 – Financial Aid Director

M6F6 – Director Of Teacher Personnel

M988 – Athletic Director

M989 – Food Service Director

X656 – Art Director

X6Z9 – Program Director

XB6M – Director Of Health Information

XB99 – Health Care Director

XBA7 – Director Of Emergency Room

XBC2 – Nursing Director

XBE1 – Respiratory Therapy Director

XBE2 – Physical Therapy Director

XBE3 – Occupational Therapy Director

XBF1 – Managed Care Director

XBF2 – Home Health Care Director

XBF9 – Medical Director

XDA6 – Compliance Director

Z642 – Assistant Director

Z698 – Transportation Director

Z699 – Director

Z6GQ – Acting Director

Z6H6 – International Director

Z6H7 – Co-Director

Z8GU – Assistant Regional Director

Z9GU – Account Director

Z9HY – Port Director

List Contacts

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605