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National New Homeowners / Movers / Connects / Pre-Movers Database / U.S. & Canada

Reach people in the U.S. and Canada who are selling and buying homes, condos, and co-ops. Leaving old rental apartments for new ones. Moving out and moving in. Disconnecting services and reconnecting. Mailinglists.com offers you the most accurate, comprehensive source of home move-related data available. New movers will spend more money on moving services plus household purchases in the first six months of their new move than they will in the next three years. Reach them with offers of goods and services they need now.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $60.00/M 17,656,455
Weekly Hotline + $20.00/M 224,129
Pre Mover Monthly Hotline + $5.00/M 699,066
PreMover Hotline + $50.00/M 356,771
Phone Numbers DNC Scrubbed (New Connects) + $30.00/M 4,927,898
6 Month Renters + $10.00/M 912,244
6 Month New Movers + $60.00/M 8,988,101
1 Week New Mover Email Addresses + $50.00/M 105,891
New Construction (Weekly) + $15.00/M 23,871
New Vacancies + $15.00/M 65,918
Newly Occupied + $15.00/M 50,191
Canadian New Movers Monthly $120.00/M 81,920
Canadian Pre Movers Monthly $150.00/M 195,678


Mailinglists.com offers you the most accurate, comprehensive new movers mailing list available. Reach U.S. and Canadian movers who are selling and buying homes, condos, and co-ops. Target those leaving old rental apartments for new ones. Contact people who are disconnecting old services and are probably reconnecting new ones. Reach new movers with goods and services they need now.

Beyond immediate needs such as moving services, market research shows that new movers will spend more money on household purchases in the first six months of their new move than they will in the next three years. In addition to home goods, DIY, carpeting/flooring, and appliances, new movers are also prime prospects for insurance, banking/credit offers, consumer services including phone/mobile/internet, home maintenance services and local businesses such as auto dealers, dry cleaners and restaurants.

Multi Sourced New Movers:

The Self-Reported Magazine Subscriber COA’s (Changes of Address) includes paid, active magazine subscribers who originally subscribed via direct response. They have self-reported change of address information to ensure continued delivery at their new address.

Unique among new mover files, each record contains the CURRENT (NEW) ADDRESS & PREVIOUS ADDRESS making it possible to target by radius of move.

Marketers have access to the most accurate and fastest-to-market files available on the market. Data have been combined into one comprehensive, de-duped Masterfile.

Our New Movers is sourced from deed data, telephone connect data and self-reported magazine subscriber change of address information.

The individual contributing files are:

  • Subscribers: Sourced from self-reported magazine subscriber changes of address. Each record includes a full name, current address and former address.
  • New Homeowners: Original mortgage data compiled weekly at the county/courthouse level in over 1600 counties nationwide.
  • New Neighbor Connect: Multi sourced weekly New Mover database, generated from 5 RBOC™s and 2600 local phone companies.
  • Consolidated New Movers: Offers marketers the opportunity to reach the most new movers with the highest quality, most accurate data available.

The file updates weekly therefore yielding the most responsive new mover and new home owner files on the market.

Recent New Homeowners:

Data is sourced from the industry leader in the compilation of property deed transactions. The weekly hotline of original mortgage data is compiled at the county/court house level. Data is for 1,200+ counties. We represent over 64% of the US population with coverage in all top 200 MSAs. This list is 100% home buyers, and does not contain any refinances.

Get these selects: Full name, address, purchase price, loan to value (mortgage amount), dwelling type, deed recording date. Purchase price and deed recording data are available, so this file perfect for a variety of insurance programs including home-owner insurance renewals, and home maintenance services.

New Connects:

Sources include a Multi sourced New Mover file. New movers are identified daily from over 2,600 local and national telephone companies. All new mover records have a phone number. These customers have installed a landline in their new residence, at a time when many consumers only have cell phones. Records are specifically identified as New Movers.

New Connects offers nationwide coverage and brings records to market faster and more accurately than other Telco based sources.

New Construction:

Target consumers right when they move into their newly built homes, and as a result are in prime buying mode. These mailboxes are activated upon the new resident actually moving in, rather than when the construction process begins. This select provides access to a previously unreached market, as a result the list is highly responsive. A New Construction File has never been as accurate, and reported in such high quantities before. Records are sourced from our direct access to the USPS resident occupancy file as reported by the Postmaster. Weekly quantity is approx. 23,000 records.

Newly Occupied:

Reach these consumers right when they have moved into a new address. The USPS delivery file has just switched these homes from a vacant status to an address that is now occupied by a new resident. We have built this segment to give mailers the ability to reach an otherwise untapped market. Records are sourced from our direct access to the USPS resident occupancy file as reported by the Postmaster, and therefore represent accuracy. Weekly quantity is approx. 50,000 records.

New Vacancies:

These are addresses reported as vacant from the USPS delivery file within the last 7 days. Using this file can identify up to an additional 6% – 9% more undeliverable addresses. Use this as a suppression file for your mailers and therefore save money. Records are sourced from our direct access to the USPS resident occupancy file as reported by the Postmaster. Weekly quantity is approx. 65,000 records.

Pre Movers:

Weekly homes just listed on the market as well as properties in escrow (Sales Pending). Pre Movers have just listed their current home for sale and will shortly be moving to new their new home. Pending Sales are under contract to sell and have entered into escrow. Most sales close within 30 days, with the owner vacating the premises for the new owner, so you need to act fast.

Pre-Mover and Pending Sale data is boutique-compiled from a multitude of “Homes for Sale” listings — newspaper and online listings and “for sale by owner information” from local newspapers and other public records at a county level. The asking price for the home being sold is selectable and therefore this is an excellent predictor of the type of home being purchased. A FULL NAME IS PROVIDED FOR 60% OF ALL RECORDS. ALL FORECLOSURES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS FILE.

Highly Recommended For:

Home Improvement, Home Improvement, Telephone Service, Home Insurance, Banking, Mortgage, Refinancing, Lawn Care, Home Warranty, Credit Card Offers, Debt Consolidation, Home Services, HVAC

Did you know…
  • 37.5 million people moved last year hence the market is huge.
  • Over 1 million families move each month therefore opportunities abound.
  • New movers spend as much money in their first 6 months at their new address as they will over the next 3 years.
  • They purchase carpeting or carpet cleaning, blinds, curtains, flowers and shrubs. They seek alarm systems, pest control services, locksmiths, lawn and pool care, restaurants including pizzerias, fast food, Italian and Chinese food. New Movers have auto-related needs such as oil changes, parts and tires, car washes and more.
  • Service Needs Include: dentist, doctor, chiropractor, veterinarian, pet grooming and doggy day care, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and more.

Email Addresses are Available on this File…Special Pricing For Unlimited Use. PLEASE NOTE: ALL count requests are unique, therefore the counts listed above are only general numbers. We will happily run you a count specific to your needs and have it back to you within hours.




Telephone List, Postal Mailing List, Email List


Compiled lists, Deed Data, Telco, For Sale By Owner, COA, Utility


Age $12.00/M
Asking Price $15.00/M
Daily New Mover $25.00/M
Dwelling Type $7.00/M
Geo/Geographical $7.00/M
Gender $7.00/M
Income Range $7.00/M
Length of Residence $7.00/M
Mortgage Type $7.00/M
New Neighbor Connects $25.00/M
Pre Movers $55.00/M
Pet Owner $20.00/M
Presence of Children $12.00/M
Purchase Price $12.00/M
Weekly New Mover $20.00/M
Email Addresses $50.00/M






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