Uno Alla Volta Buyers

Uno Alla Volta Buyers

Target affluent buyers from Uno Alla Volta the premier gift and accessories catalog offering unique products produced, “One at a Time.” Customers have purchased items such as jewelry, scarves, collectibles, accessories and home accents.


Universe Rate / Total Universe $125.00/M 85,640
3 Month Buyers $135.00/M 12,259
6 Month Buyers $130.00/M 22,191
12 Month Buyers $125.00/M 57,232
24 Month Buyers $125.00/M 87,530
Fundraising / Publishers $75.00/M


Uno Alla Volta means “One at a Time” and reflects the artisanal ethic of their products. This handmade gift buyers mailing list reaches mature, affluent consumers who shop the various Uno Alla Volta collections for unique jewelry, art, and collectibles.

Uno Alla Volta Handmade Gift Buyers Mailing List Audience Details:
  • HH Income $100K+
  • College Educated
  • 85% Homeowners
  • Primarily 55+ (Average Age: 67)
  • 50% Grandparents
  • Average Purchase – $170

The essence of Uno Alla Volta’s appeal for their loyal clientele is the personal touch…literally. Uno Alla Volta has cultivated an exceptional resource of artisans, artists, and craftsmen who personally apply their skills to their craft.

If your offer demands a handmade gift buyers mailing list that targets shoppers who value care in selecting, crafting, and giving, Uno Alla Volta Buyers is the right choice. Customers have purchased items such as jewelry, scarves, collectibles, accessories and home accents. Many gift, apparel and fundraising mailers have turned to this mailing list to reach prospects “one at a time”. Moreover, if your offer will be delivered with a strong sense that each recipient is understood, and valued personally, then Uno Alla Volta is for you.

Partial Usage:<M/h6>
Art Institute of Chicago
Company Store
Garnet Hill
Home Decorator’s Collection
J Jill
Met Museum of Art
National Geographic
Smile Train
Viva Terra
Wind & Weather

List Contacts

Jeffrey Hudes List Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 125 (914) 949-1605
Becky Santaniello Senior LIst Manager [email protected] 914-948-8300 ext 129 (914) 949-1605