New Vacancies From National New Homeowners

New Vacancies From National New Homeowners

Our New Vacancies file gives mailers the ability to identify undeliverable addresses due to recently being vacated. Mailers can suppress these properties and save money.


Total Universe / Universe Rate $60.00/M 64,788
New Vacancies + $15.00/M 64,788


Our New Vacancies from National New Homeowners file gives mailers the valuable ability to identify undeliverable addresses. The database lists properties that were reported Vacant from the USPS delivery file in the last 7 days.

New Vacancies Represent A Significant Drag Campaign Efficiency

Using this file can identify up to an additional 6% to 9% more recently vacated, and therefore undeliverable addresses. These records are sourced with our direct access to the USPS resident occupancy file and are reported by the Postmaster. Weekly quantity is approx. 65,000 records. Use this as a suppression file for your mailers and save money.

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