South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's endorsement of Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio calls attention to the immigrant narrative they share. Both are first generation Americans. Gov. Haley is of Indian Sikh heritage while Sen. Rubio's family is Cuban American. This widens the conversation regarding the status and interests of immigrant populations in the U.S. who increasingly participate in the political process.Mailing List Ideas: Reaching such voters with messages of understanding and shared interest is crucial to a political candidate's success. It is also true for any marketer who wishes...
The exigent price increase applied to Market Dominant products under which the USPS is currently operating is due to end in April. That is, unless Congress can be convinced to make it permanent. Objections have been raised to allowing this to happen by major mailers and organizations that represent them. Rolling back postal rates to pre-increase levels would allow first class letter postage to fall back to $.47 from the current $.49. Rates for postcards would drop $.01 to $.34 per piece. For those who use the Every Door Direct mail service, the rate would be $.176 per piece. Read more on...
The USPS has issued service alerts relating to the impact and aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas. While most metro regions have returned to a semblance of normalcy, areas in the NY metro area show issues.  Jonas was a slow moving, power packed storm that took its time rampaging through the eastern third of the nation this past weekend. Record breaking snowfall amounts and destructive flooding have taken a toll on USPS services. Read USPS service alert
Infinite Media proudly announces the exclusive list management of the Nueske's catalog of fine food and gifts. The file represents a delicious opportunity to reach upscale mail order specialty food buyers. Target consumers who have a taste for tradition, comfort, and culinary craft. These catalog purchasers are mostly college-educated, married women, who are on average 45-64 years old, with an annual household income of $75K+. In addition to cooking and entertaining, these avid and loyal customers enjoy gardening and travel. View the Nueske's Datacard for Pricing and List Rental Details.
January 17, 2016 marked the day when two significant USPS shipping price increases took effect. Priority Mail service will go up 9.8% while Priority Mail Express Package will increase 14.4%. These rate icreases are likely to affect businesses as they fulfill direct marketing orders. The overall climate for shipping costs is trending up with UPS and FedEx initiating increases late in 2015. The complete filing made by the USPS with the Postal Regulatory Commission is available.
The USPS Office of the Inspector General has issued a report that details financial the shortfall suffered by the Postal Service at the hands of outmoded terminal dues rates, in particular the international shipping ePacket rate governing light weight parcels. Terminal dues are the fees associated with mail handling between international postal services. The ePacket rates that governs such exchanges between the USPS and its largest competitors such as China Post, actually put U.S. ecommerce companies shipping within the U.S. at a disadvantage. These rates have been re-negotiated recently, and...
The Federal Trade Commission issued fines against two App developers whose products targeted children under 13. The offense being penalized surrounds their having provided access to third-party advertisers to collect personal information from children in the form of persistent identifiers, without parental consent mandated by COPPA. Third party identifiers are unique snippets of data that are associated with a specific user or device. FTC Press Release
A fresh Pew Research survey of Republicans and Democratics revealed attitudes about government roles and performance that tend to diverge not only by party sympathy, but by family income. Of interest are some of the start points regarding certain questions, such as access to health care or ensuring access to quality education. Even among those who would appear to be economically challenged these issues produce divergent responses across party lines. The response are underpinned by the harsh reality of lackluster political engagement regardless, with those at the lower end of the earning curve...
The Postal Service filed a comprehensive set of price increases  - the first in 3 years - with the Postal Regulatory Commission. The increases cover a broad set of domestice and international products, including a new designation for Standard Post, now called Retail Ground. If approved, the increases would tke effect in January 2016. First Class Mail and products such as the Forever stamp are inaffected. USPS Press Release.
Infinite Media is excited to announce our new list management relationship with American Direct Marketing Services. We now offer this powerful collection of investor and financial database resources to the entire direct marketing community for postal, email, and telemarketing campaigns.For 40 years American Direct has specialized in investor lists and investor leads for direct mail, email, telemarketing and investor relations campaigns. Choose from different investing styles, investment sectors like Oil & Gas, financial and estate planning. Reach demographic segments ranging from upper...