D&B Data Append Services

Dun & Bradstreet Data Appends Complete Your Records

Business is all about change. B2B direct marketers need to know who is who and who is new. What's up, and down. Who's on the move and who's on the way out.

The D&B sales lead database of over 85 million businesses, 100 million contacts and 900 industry segments provides the fresh, accurate data you need to reach business prospects at all points of contact. Email addresses, landline and mobile telephone numbers, plus demographic and firmographic appends are all available to enhance your records.

Today's business decision makers respond to messaging at touch points from postal mail, to email, and telephone contact, so no avenue of outreach can be ignored. D&B data appends from Mailinglists.com give you a complete picture of your sales lead prospects. That's how business gets done.

Enhance your current mailing lists data with data analytics that include:

• E-mail Appends – Verified and current
• Telemarketing Appends – Landline and mobile, reverse append available
• Look-Alike Record Matching – Watch your mailing list records multiply
• Merge/Purge
• Building Your Business Sales Lead Databases
• Profiling
• Geocoding (using latitude and longitude and zip+4 centroid)
• Address Mapping
• DSF Scoring

Cleanse your data with HyperHygiene, our data quality toolset:

• Separate Personal from Business Records
• Achieve Thorough De-duplication of List Records
• Stay Current & Deliverable With Timely NCOA Updates

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